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A Video On Suing A Hairdresser For Hair Damage


Hairdressing remains a completely unregulated profession. Anyone
can offer hairdressing services to the public, even those who
lack training, qualifications and experience.

In 2011, many hair salons were injuring their clients. Bartletts Beauty
Treatment Solicitors successfully claimed compensation for hundreds of
women throughout England and Wales.

Typical Hair Styling Accidents We Encounter
- Allergic reaction to chemicals in hair styling products
- Burns & Baldness caused by poorly prepared products
- Cuts & bleeding from hair stylist slipping with scissors
- Dermatitis and related hair loss

If you pay a hairdresser you have a right to expect that your treatment
will be carried out by a competent professional. Injuries are most
often due to salons hiring trainee stylists with limited experience
in the hairdressing field.

Seeking free legal advice should be your next move! Our Solicitors can
tell you if you can make a claim against a hairdresser, and will represent
you on a No Win No Fee Basis.

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