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Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Katharine Evans has been a qualified personal injury lawyer for 15 years. Over that time she has successfully represented numerous clients who have suffered sensitive and painful injuries at the hairdressers. Katharine is a leading expert and is currently (2017) acting for over 80 clients who have suffered hair damage or beauty treatment related injuries.

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Compensation As Hairdresser Failed To Apply Base Cream

Case Study - Lack Of Base Cream Causes Burns

Ms L had an appointment for a hair straightening treatment at a local branch of a well-known national chain of hairdressing salons. The stylist carrying out the procedure failed to properly apply base cream to Ms L’s hairline and the nape of her neck before applying the relaxer. Base cream is a petroleum jelly, designed to protect the skin from being burnt by sodium hydroxide, a key ingredient in many stronger hair relaxers. Ms L suffered chemical burns to her forehead and neck. The salon gave her some soothing aloe vera cream, but these areas of Ms L’s skin were still red, inflamed and painful for at least 8 weeks afterwards. She also experienced acute embarrassment regarding her appearance following the incident, and was forced to wear scarves on her head most of the time, to disguise the prominent burn marks.

Our Legal Advice

Ms L contacted Bartletts, having read about our experience in handling no win no fee claims for burns caused by hair straightening treatments. We wrote to the owners of the hair salon, arguing that, given the relatively strong relaxer solution that they used on our client’s hair, it was particularly important that a protective base cream was properly applied to the necessary areas of skin beforehand. The stylist did not base Ms L’s hairline and neck thoroughly, and this had allowed the chemical sodium hydroxide, contained in the relaxer solution, to burn the skin. This represented a failure to exercise reasonable care and skill, on the part of both the stylist and salon, amounting to negligence. We were able to obtain an admission of liability from the salon owner’s insurers, and a few months after having instructed us, Ms L received a cheque for £3,250 in compensation.

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Katharine Evans, and our team of lawyers expert in beauty treatments, can offer help if you have been injured due to a lack of base cream being applied at the hairdresser. She introduces our no win no fee service in this video. Contact Katharine today on 0800 988 3642 for free confidential advice. She will be happy to answer questions such as; can I sue for skin burns from too little base cream? Should a hairdresser apply base cream during hair relaxing?

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