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Legal Advice On Suing A Hairdresser

Negligent Hairdressing Treatments
Katharine Evans has been a qualified personal injury lawyer for 15 years. Over that time she has successfully represented numerous clients who have suffered sensitive and painful injuries at the hairdressers. Katharine is a leading expert and is currently (2017) acting for over 80 clients who have suffered hair damage or beauty treatment related injuries.

Katharine's recent review: 'I only had to fill in a short form online, within minutes I had a call from Katharine Evans. She was very helpful and after only speaking briefly I was told I had a case, she kept in touch through the whole process keeping me updated either through email or letters.' Read more...

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Compensation For Hair Damage At Photo Shoot

Ms S worked as a model for fashion industry photo shoots and had just started on a new campaign when she suffered serious hair damage. The stylists working on the shoot used a hair colouring solution on her hair which did not achieve the desired results, and left her hair in a dry, frizzy and brittle state. The result was that clumps of Ms S’s hair began to fall out over the following days, leaving obvious bald patches. The skin on her scalp was also red and cracked. A trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) later concluded that the hair colouring solution used had been too strong for Mr S’s hair, causing it to dry out excessively, and had most likely been mixed to the wrong volume. Ms S was unable to work for over 3 months due to her appearance, and lost a substantial amount of earnings as a result. The financial difficulties that this caused, and the distress she had gone, through prompted her to seek legal advice.

Our Legal Advice

Ms S got in touch with Bartletts Solicitors, and after discussing the matter with her, we agreed to take on her claim against the fashion firm for her hair loss. We wrote to the relevant insurers, stating that responsibility for the error made by the hair stylists lay with the company that arranged the photo shoot, as they were Ms S’s effective employers at the time, and had a duty to keep her reasonably safe in the course of work. The stylists had failed to exercise the care and skill that one would expect from competent professionals while colouring Ms S’s hair, and their negligence had caused pain, emotional distress and financial hardship. Ms S received a compensation settlement in excess of £20,000 for the damage done to her hair, as well as her loss of earnings over the time it took for her hair to grow back to its former state, and the cost of the restorative salon treatments she required during that period. We have specialist knowledge of how to calculate loss of earnings for models who cannot work due to hair damage.

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