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  • Claiming Compensation From A Beauty Salon
  • Common Injuries Include Burns, Hair Loss And Allergic Reactions
  • Injuries At Salons Can Leave Clients Depressed And Unable To Work
  • A Beauty Salon's Insurance Will Pay For Your Compensation
As with all professionals, beauticians are expected to perform the services they offer in a reasonably competent manner, to the standard you would expect from a capable professional working in the same field. Where a beautician fails to meet this basic benchmark, and makes an error that causes a client to get injured, they will be found to have acted negligently, and will be liable to pay compensation. The amount will depend on the extent of the damage done, and the projected time before a complete recovery from an injury is made.
Accidents and injuries at beauty salons may occur in various different ways. If chemicals are applied to the skin for too long they can cause damage and even permanent scarring, while heated products, such as hot wax, may also cause burns if they are spilled onto the skin. A person may also be allergic to substances contained in beauty treatment products, and for this reason beauty salons are expected to carry out skin patch tests on new customers to determine whether an adverse reaction is likely.
Injuries from botched beauty treatments can cause prolonged loss of self confidence, and even depression, as an injured person may perceive themselves as being partially deformed, especially where an injury has damaged visible areas of skin, such as on the face and neck. In many instances injured clients of ours have been forced to cancel or miss special occasions, while others who have had treatments carried out in advance of holidays have lost their anticipated enjoyment of them. All these factors will be taken into consideration for the purposes of calculating the amount of compensation due to a successful claimant.
The vast majority of beauty salons and beauticians will hold public liability insurance, as they are required to by law, and the amount of compensation you will receive will therefore be negotiated by our solicitors directly with the salon’s insurers. Compensation will reflect both physical and emotional pain and suffering, the cost of medical treatment and any extra incurred expenses, such as travel costs. Because our female solicitors specialise in beauty treatment injury claims you can rest assured that we will secure the very best financial settlement on your behalf.

If you have been injured at a beauty salon, contact our specialist female solicitors today for free, sympathetic and confidential advice.

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