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Passenger's Hair Damaged At Hair Salon On Cruise Ship

Ms S visited the on-board hair salon while on a cruise liner trip to have her hair tinted. She informed that stylist that she had never had her hair dyed before, but was assured that it was a simple and 100% safe procedure, as tinting did not utilise permanent dyes. Ms S complained that her skin was burning and itchy following the procedure, and was given a gel to soothe her skin. Later the same day, Ms S noticed that the skin on her scalp was red and inflamed, and as she brushed her hair she saw that strands were coming out at the root. She also felt weak and nauseous.

Ms S went to see the cruise ship’s doctor (treatment for which she had to pay), who advised her that she had suffered an allergic reaction to one of the chemical ingredients in the hair tint solution, and prescribed antihistamines to limit the symptoms. Ms S continued to feel ill and embarrassed about the state of her hair, and spent the few remaining days of the trip in her cabin.

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Needless to say, Ms S’s holiday was completely ruined by her hair tinting ordeal, and when she returned to the UK she decided to contact our firm to ask; can I claim compensation for an allergic reaction at a cruise ship hair salon? We advised her that, because the holiday had been booked with a UK tour operator, she could claim compensation under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, legislation making the tour operator responsible for the behaviour (and negligence) of its overseas suppliers. Ms S’s no win no fee claim for hair damage on a cruise ship was successful, as it was accepted that the hair stylist should have carried out a skin patch test 24-48 hours before the hair dyeing procedure. This would have identified Ms S’s pre-existing allergy to chemicals contained the hair tint solution and that the treatment was therefore unsuitable for her. We noted that the way that hair stylists are incentivised by commissions on procedures they carry out on board cruise ships, make it possible that proper pre-treatment care will be be over-looked. Ms S received a cheque for £3,250 in compensation.

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