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  • What You Should Do If Your Hairdresser Has Ruined Your Hair
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Depending on the extent of the damage done to your hair, it is often possible to return to the salon where the procedure was carried out, and request a refund or a follow-up correctional treatment. Other people will prefer to see a different stylist to get advice, and to understand what the original hairdresser did wrong. Where there is skin damage on the scalp and / or hair loss, it is best to see a doctor immediately, as these may be symptoms of an allergic reaction or chemical burns. If your skin is swollen, and damaged, and you experience temporary difficulty breathing, you should go to hospital immediately, as these symptoms indicate a severe adverse reaction to chemicals or substances in hair treatment products.
The hairdressing industry in the UK remains completely unregulated, unlike most other European countries, meaning that anyone can set themselves up as a hairdresser regardless of their skills, qualifications or experience. The Hairdressing Council was established by an Act of Parliament in 1964 to run a register of qualified hairdressers. The body is, however, handicapped by the fact that registration is voluntary, and less than 10% of hairdressers in the UK are actually registered. Despite this, it is worth checking whether the hairdresser that you wish to complain about is State Registered, as if so, the Hairdressing Council will send them a copy of your complaint asking for a response. The hairdresser may then be removed from the register, though this would not prevent them from continuing to practise in an unregistered capacity.
Due to the unregulated nature of the industry, a complaint that cannot be resolved with a hairdresser can only be taken further by using the services of solicitors or the Small Claims Court. An experienced personal injury solicitor will be able to help a person injured by a hairdresser bring a case against the latter through the courts system. Such claims are normally handled on a no win no fee basis. Evidence of the physical damage done to the hair and/or scalp will be required, as well as proof that this was caused by the negligence of the hairdresser. For this reason, if your hair has been ruined by a hairdresser it is advisable to take photos of the harm done and also seek medical attention, so that there is evidence to help your solicitor represent you effectively.
Simple human error on the part of a hair stylist can leave the hair ruined, and a person’s appearance disfigured. In these types of traumatic cases, an injured person may decide to seek legal advice, as the physical and emotional damage done will have angered and upset them. Hairdressers must hold insurance to protect themselves in the event of compensation claims against them. Lack of industry regulation means that thousands of women have their hair damaged every year, by poorly trained, inexperienced, inattentive or basically incompetent hairdressers. Our female solicitors have a vast amount of combined experience in compensation claims against hairdressers.

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